Exercise 3.1

I looked at the date series of work by artist On Kawara

Ceserao, M. 22 june 2018. https://zoomoncontemporaryartcom/2018/06/22/today-series-on-kawara-1966-2014/. %5BOnline%5D. %5B5 December 2020]. Available from: https://zoomoncontemporaryart.com/2018/06/22/today-series-on-kawara-1966-2014/

This is an interesting way of referencing and journalizing images of your life and what they represent to you

By creating a dated image he is referring to his own life and history of the world and times he was living in

I could see this way of working working for me to reference important date in my life along with referencing current events in the world or past historic dates ie) 9/11 or moon landing or in fact this years covid 19 outbreak and levels

Although I find this interesting I don’t like the precise application on a plain background I would prefer an emotive application in response to the date be it; anger/ rage/ love etc or world disasters or world improvements and advances

I went back to the series of text paintings I did earlier to create a series even though I had already formed a type of series

I had a few responses to look at

I also looked at

My first thought is a video piece or performance as I still feel the emphasis should be on the word bleed infact bleeding into the other text

I wanted to set up the same text below but this time film the red paint bleeding down the rest of the text

I attached the text to a piece of white paper on my easel and placed my camera on a stand then made up a solution of red watery paint and filmed myself spraying the red and watching it drip down like blood

I took 2 videos one spraying and the other watching the drips then I took some photographs of the finished image which I prefer to the original

I would have the video playing on a loop along with the finished piece if exhibiting

Photograph of the finished video piece

I am finding it very difficult to try to add on my video from my camera to the wordpress blog so will take advice and add the video at a later date

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